Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Golf GPS Units VS Golf GPS Applications

If you are trying to improve your golf or don’t like taking a caddie along when playing golf, you can try golf GPS devices to help you with the guesswork. There are tons of golf GPS devices and GPS apps available nowadays for iPhone and smart phones so it is easy to get confused. However, for me, GPS device works better than GPS applications. Here, I will explain why GPS devices are better than the Smartphone golf GPS apps.

Battery life problem

The golf GPS app requires using the GPS feature of your phone which can quickly drain the battery. I used to get only 9-11 holes even after reducing the brightness and turning off Bluetooth of my phone. Some of the latest apps do manage to get to the last round by using less charge then usual but it’s still not good enough if you compare it with a handheld golf GPS device. So, for me, GPS devices are the winner here.

Not all the smart phones are waterproof

Handheld GPS devices are specifically designed to be used in wet conditions and won’t get damaged easily. On the other hand, most of the smart phones out there are not waterproof and can easily get damaged if used in wet conditions. They are not designed to take such beating like GPS devices. As handheld GPS can be easily used in such conditions, handheld GPS devices are again the winner here.

User friendliness

Handheld GPS devices are specifically designed for golf players and are very easy to use. On the other hand, installing apps and subscribing to various plans can be difficult for some users. Different apps offer different type of user interface and not all of these interfaces are user-friendly.


The Best Golf GPS devices are available in different shapes and sizes and are available as wristwatches too. On the other hand, it can be difficult for some players to carry their smart phones with them in every place as they are not designed for such situations. Players who are only looking for a device to measure their distance can try the GPS watches and carry it easily with them.

Feature rich

Handheld golf GPS devices have went through dramatic improvements in both performance and features and are also available nowadays at an affordable price. The devices can provide detailed hole maps, course fly over’s and distances to green locations and hazards, detailed graphing and stats tracking and aerial imagery features. Golf GPS apps are also feature rich but the battery drainage problem makes it difficult for players to get the best out of all these features.



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